Web Design

It’s over ten years since I put together my first web design – for one of my own sites. Happily I don’t have a record of what that looked like. Since then I have put together and hosted over 100 sites for clients that range from one-person start-ups through large UK businesses through to multinationals (to be fair one multi-national!).

In recent years I have stepped in and rescued a few companies whose old web company had gone under.  I rebuilt their site and got it live again and then we’ve worked on up-dating it and ensuring it stays live.

I’ve built standard ‘brochure’ sites and complicated e-commerce sites as well as information-rich sites.

Whatever the size of your business the approach is the same.

  1. We work first to identify why you need a web site and what it to do for your business.
  2. We talk about the message you want your website to give and what you want your web site visitors to do when their on your site.
  3. We discuss the images and graphics you want on your website and how we’re going to get those together.
  4. We think about timescales that suit your schedule.
  5. We agree a price that is fair to us both and how I can continue to support you into the future.
  6. We both go away contented and, in time, you get a shiny new website that we’re both pleased with.

Once your site is live I am constantly monitoring it to ensure it stays working at that supporting software is kept up-to-date and secure.  I can provide you with live web stats so you can monitor visitors, which pages they’re looking at and I can help you work on the content of your site to ensure it seen and noticed by search engines.