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"With over fifteen years of experience in building and hosting websites, I can help you and your business"
Pete Hawkins

you know you need a website...

but don’t know where to start.  You’re not alone!  I’ve worked with over 150 businesses of all sizes over the past fifteen years and can ease you through the process. (and explain all the jargon.)

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You know your customers, Let's talk to them

It’s easy to forget your customers when building a website!  But without them, you don’t have a business. We’ll help get the message right.

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laptops, tablets and phones

It’s important that your website can be seen properly on all of them.  I’ll look at your website and ensure that you don’t lose access to your customers.

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The offer

Web Design

A photo speaks a thousand words, and who's going to read a thousand words anyway! I'll work with you to ensure we get the right resources together to build a website your customer will like.

Web Hosting

In fifteen years I've used a lot different server companies and know what to look for. I only use UK-based companies, who offer exceptional support should I need it. I know a lot but not everything!

Web and Domain Rescue

Not all web companies are born equal. I've helped businesses to rescue their domains and websites from web companies that have gone AWOL.


If you'd rather host your own email, that's fine but if not, I can set up your email addresses and help you set them up on your computer.

On-going support

Many web companies hand over a website, take their fee and scarper. For websites I host, I regularly check your website software is up-to-date and working as it should. If you need the content updating regularly, I can help

Advice & Computer support

I know a great deal more about computers than most and will happily advise you on any issues you may be having with your machine... If I can't suggest a fix, then I'll tell you,

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