Web Design

Pete has built hundreds of websites over the years so can advise you about what's best for your needs and budget.

Website Rescue

Web hosts come and go and often leave you stranded without access to your site or domain name. Pete has help many businesses regain control.

Web Hosting

Pete can host your website and domain name. All servers use up-to-date server technology and are hosted in the UK.

So you want an effective web site?

You’re not alone, of course. If you run a business of whatever size, an effective web site, is essential in today’s world. That’s the easy part. Building a web site, is a different matter. The terminology is confusing, the software not easy to use and the results can often be disappointing.

That’s where Pete Hawkins Ltd comes in.

Pete has been building websites for over fifteen years, first for his own businesses and then for a growing range of clients both big and small.  He’s designed sites for multi-million pound engineering companies, a new travel business with big plans and for small tourist accommodation businesses.

Whilst the needs of these businesses differ, their web sites all have one thing in common – they are simple and effective. Pete has built up a detailed knowledge of what makes a good web site and what doesn’t and what search engines are looking for too.

Take Control

A simple web site is great but not having easy control of it is not. Pete can also host your web site on his servers, which have over 99% uptime. He’ll provide you with the codes to access your site and be on hand to update or help you to update your site when it needs it.

Want More?

Your need for a website may be part of a bigger desire to get your business organised and marketed properly.  Pete works closely with Phil Ward of Leadout Projects who has many years experience in business development and marketing. Phil can help you get your business in shape and ensure your website works with your business needs.

So what next?

Your best first step is to contact Pete to discuss your needs.  Contact Pete at pete@petehawkins.ltd.uk for more details.

Pete Hawkins Ltd


Pete Hawkins

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