What it costs

This depends on what it is you want. Contact me to discuss your requirements and I’ll give you a honest assessment of what I think the cost will be.

For a simple ‘brochure’ site, using a standard layout typical of that needed by small tourism businesses, I charge around £850 for the design and delivery of the site.  For more complicated sites the fee obviously goes up.

I also charge a small annual hosting fees which for sites I have built include on-going maintenance and monitoring of your site. This sum varies according to the size of your website but is typically around £65.

To see our Hosting T&Cs click here.

The following are additional costs

  • To help you buy your own web name (e.g. www.yourbusinessname.co.uk) – cost price (approx. £9 a year)
  • Extra work (writing, photography and fundamentally altering original website template structure) is charged on a time-spent basis (currently £40 hour). Pete will advise you of any extra charges.