New sites

It’s been a busy time here for the past few weeks. Two sites have gone live recently Hope Farm House Barn is a lovely holiday cottage in the village of Alstonefield.  Along with the web design and hosting I also constructed the floor plan for the barn, showing potential visitors the space and layout of the property.


The second site that went live only three weeks ago is the site for Focx Limited – hand-made, and comfy, boy shorts and boxers for women.  This was a new site for me, but I was approached to build a modern looking site that was more accessible to a wider audience.  It was built on an e-commerce platform using wordpress as the CMS.


Sky High Technology

Sky High Technology

Sky High Technology

Sky High Technology first approached Web Works when it bought out a rival company.  Web Works was asked to extract the content of the acquired company from its old parent company and set up a new site  – all within a week!

That done, the company turned to Web Works and Leadout Projects to work with the company in defining their exact requirements for a new website.  Working closely with their business development manager, we helped them redefine their marketing strategy and constructed a new website that embodied their new vision.

The site went live in the middle of January 2014.

Fred.Olsen Renewables goes live

Fred.Olsen Renewables

Fred.Olsen Renewables

Working with Leadout Projects, Web Works is pleased to announce that Fred.Olsen Renewables new website is now live.  The website was built on a Norwegian-based content management system which meant learning the system from scratch and to some extent getting to grips with the limitations of the system.

Leadout Projects and Web Works had previously built a site for the UK arm of Fred.Olsen Renewables and for one of their joint venture wind farms (Codling Bank off the Irish Coast) and were asked by the Scandinavian-based company to build a site for their wind farms in Norway an Sweden as incorporate the UK site into the new .com site.

The site went live in November 2013.

Two new sites

Been busy these last few weeks. Two new sites to show off. The Coffee Shop Bakewell and Andy Cook Cycling. Check them out.


Three websites in the pending tray at the moment… still waiting on their owners to put their creative minds towards the content and let me have the wordage. Been a busy year so far with more websites due to come in in the near future. Keep ’em coming.

A big day for Web-Works.Biz

It’s been a big day for us here at Web-Works.Biz. The launch of this updated website of course but more significantly the successful launch of  The transfer is going on as I write but the signs are that it’s been a smooth and straightforward transition.

The site was designed by Phil Ward at The Leadout Project and adapted by Web-Works.Biz to work efficiently.  There is still work to be done to shoot it up through the search engines but the start has been made and it’s looking good.